Sell Your Home Faster With a Home Stager

Sell Your Home Faster With a Home Stager

Please enjoy today’s post as guest blogger, Megan Gates addresses concerns of buyers and renters interested in “staged” or designer-ready homes, and the way that interior design and decor can captivate a new buyer.

[blockquote]Staging a home may be a lifesaver to homebuyers who need to sell a home fast, has been known to improve the sale of a home by 17 percent. Studies have shown that the service works and helps people sell homes in half the time of an un-staged home. Let’s take a look at how home staging can help people sell homes faster. [/blockquote] Reasons to Staging a Home for Sale

1. Maintain Privacy and Be Proactive

Home staging requires that you move all of your furniture and household goods out of the home. The home stager will bring in all new furniture and décor. The new design will be de-cluttered and enticing to homebuyers. The home will be thoroughly cleaned and ready to be sold. This allows the homebuyers to visualize themselves in the home.


Another benefit of home staging is privacy. With all of your belongings out of the house, there are no strangers evaluating how you live and looking through personal belongings. When a buyer makes a bid, your belongings are already in storage, and you can just hand over the keys. There is no hassle, and the process is smoother with home staging.

2. To Set the Asking Prices Higher

Home sellers are losing money on their properties during the housing crisis. For this reason, they are trying to maximize the amount of money they can ask for their homes. Homebuyers will scrutinize a home and ask for all types of concessions during a buyer’s market. Home sellers must anticipate and minimize the reasons buyers may have to ask for concessions.

If the home is well staged, sellers can justify the asking price for the home. Staged homes are move-in ready and have addressed most repairs in the home. Sellers of un-staged homes have more difficulty justifying the price because of repairs needed and other issues that may come into play.

3.Help Buyers Visualize Themselves in The Home 

Home stagers know the target market and can help potential buyers visualize themselves in the home. They know how to decorate in a neutral manner and appeal to the masses. Home stagers may remove all personal pictures and allow homebuyers to imagine themselves in the home instead of imagining your family in the home. This will increase the likelihood of the making a sale.

4.  Buyers Will Have a Memorable Impression of the Home

Home stagers make the home memorable and give buyers a good first impression. Homebuyers look at numerous homes during the process. You want your home to stand out from the crowd. If your home is especially impressive, real estate agents will deem the home as a “must-see.” If your home is on this list, every real estate agent will show your home to qualified buyers. This increases your potential for making a sale. Staging addresses both the home’s interior and exterior.


 is a Web Relations coordinator for Douglas Elliman, specializing in Hamptons homes